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Digipower TC-U400 Universal Li-ion battery charger for cameras


Digipower TC-U400 Universal Li-ion battery charger

If you have a lot of electronic devices then you’ll know what it’s like to maintain batteries for them.  In a perfect world they would all use the same type of batteries and one charger.  Of course, this isn’t the case. However, what if I told you there WAS a charger that could charge EVERY battery that you own?  Impossible right?  No… it is possible.  This charger literally charges every removable battery for my gadgets.  Whether it’s a camera, cell phone, or game system.  It does it all.  That sounded so infomercially…. 🙂  Here’s a sample of batteries I charge with.

Sony NEX camera
Fuji camera
Sony PSP
Nintendo DS
Canon SD1000 camera
Ricoh  camera
Nokia cell phone
Blackberry Curve
Contour  camera
Nikon camera

It can obviously charge other devices I have yet to own.  It’s quite a diverse mix of gadgets and I’m sure you’ll have a similar hodge-podge of stuff.  If they list all the batteries it can charge, they wouldn’t be able fit it on the package!


This is the holy grail of battery chargers.  I own about 5 cameras and they use different batteries and chargers.  Also, not every camera maker includes a separate battery charger.  They instead insist on giving you a USB cable and USB wall charger.  So what do most of us do?  We go on eBay and buy a separate charger.

It’s a pain already when you charge at home but what happens when you travel?  The last time I traveled, I brought a Sony camera, Fuji camera, Blackberry, Nexus 7, Sony PSP, and Nintendo DS.  That’s a modest amount of gadgets to bring.  You may pack more stuff if you are traveling with a family.  But going with what I packed, I would’ve had to bring with me 6 chargers like the following assortment.


So how does this thing work?  How can it possibly charge batteries of difference shapes and sizes?  All batteries have something in common.  They have a +/- contact point.  And if you look at a typical removable battery for  electronic devices, most of them are 1 or 2 cell (3.7v – 7.4v).  The charger just has to be adjustable to make contact with the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of the battery.  That’s what this charger does.

digipower-tc-u400-09 digipower-tc-u400-12

digipower-tc-u400-04 digipower-tc-u400-05

You line up the 2 contact blades to the +/- of your battery and clamp the battery down.  The charger is even smart enough to figure out the +/- for you.  Once you make the proper connection, the LED indicator should blink from left to right.  It’s very easy for batteries with contact points exposed like the following.


However, you’ll probably run into some more challenging ones from Sony.  They like to make slots instead.  However, this is not a problem for the charger.  The contact blades just slot in with out any issues.

digipower-tc-u400-10 digipower-tc-u400-14

Did I also mention it can charge regular rechargable AA/AAA batteries too?  Of course it can!  It even features a 1 amp USB port to charge any other device that uses a USB cable (eg. smart phones).  A lightning/30pin dock/microUSB/miniUSB cable should do the job for everything else.  The included car lighter adapter is also included.  This thing has you covered for all your charging needs.


This charger can be found about $30-$50 and it’s worth every penny!  The one battery charger to rule them all.  I’d buy a few to keep in your car/home/work/etc.  It’s the last charger you’re gonna need!


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