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E-Flite Blade mSR Micro Helicopter


Where to buy: E-Flite Blade mSR Micro Helicopter

The E-flite Blade mSR is a 4 channel, single rotor, fixed pitch helicopter.  It’s claim to fame is it’s size and the fact it’s a fixed pitch heli.  It only weighs 1 ounce.

I’m guessing mSR stands for “micro single rotor”.  It’s like a tiny version of the Esky Honey Bee.  Single rotors are typically not as stable as dual rotors/coaxials but the mSR flies like one though.  It’s very maneuverable and feels like a hummingbird in the air.  Most people mistaken this to the cheapy 3CH helicopters you find at toy stores but this is far from it.  It is a very stable helicopter for it’s size.  It’s so stable that it almost feels like a co-axial helicopter.  You can let go of the throttle stick and it just hovers there with no input.

Blade mSR in my custom display case.

I wasn’t able to find a Bind & Fly version so I had to get the more expensive kit with the 2.4ghz transmitter.  I didn’t bother with the included transmitter and used my Spektrum DX6i instead.  Binding the DX6i to the mSR was a cinch.  Just plug the battery to the mSR and turn on the DX6i while holding down the trainer switch until the mSR stops blinking.

This helicopter is great for those graduating from dual rotors and who want to get a feel of what a real heli feels like.  A typical dual rotor is very stable.  But with stability comes a price, maneuverability.  The mSR responds to the controls a lot quicker than say a Blade CX (coaxial).  It darts in all directions with the slightest of movements of the stick.

Being so light, it can take a beating.  Just dump the throttle when you hit a wall and not much will happen to the mSR.  A light scratch or two.  It’s light weight also means it’ll get pushed around outdoors with the slightest gust of wind.

I’ve only flown this for a few days but it’s definitely a keeper.  I never thought something so small can be so fun.


Included in the box:

mSR micro helicopter
2.4ghz transmitter
(2) 1S 3.7v batteries
4-slot battery charger
AC adapter for charger
(4) AA for transmitter
spare parts


[flv:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lO7WDgjT84 480 368]

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