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HobbyKing 2.4ghz T6A Radio system


Where to buy: HobbyKing 2.4ghz T6A

Branded under several other names like Turborix, Exceed and HobbyKing, it’s actually made by FlySky.  I have a 3CH FlySky GT3 radio for my cars and they work pretty well.  For $33, you can’t go wrong with this programmable 2.4ghz radio system.  You do need a computer to program it so if you’re looking to change settings for a different models at the field you’re gonna need a notebook with you.  The software isn’t pretty looking but does get the job done.  You can save your settings to a file.  I have ones made for each of my helis and planes and load them backup to the TX up when needed.

Included in the plain white box
T6A 6 channel transmitter (TX)
6 channel receiver (RX)
bind plug

Things you need to buy
USB TX cable

Binding the receiver (RX) to transmitter (TX)
1.  Plug bind plug to BATT on RX
2.  Plug battery to ESC
3.  Plug ESC to RX (ex. CH3), the red light should flash
4.  While holding on bind button TX, turn on TX.  The light should turn solid red.
5.  RX is now bound to TX!

In order to program the transmitter, you need a USB cable that is purchased separately for a couple of dollars.  You also need drivers for the USB cable and some software which isn’t included.

You plug the 4pin end to the transmitter and then into your computer.  With the drivers installed, the transmitter shows up as a com port on your computer.  In regards to the USB cable you buy,  I think the new versions are different.  They just use a different chip, CP210x, instead of the previous cable that uses the PL-2303.  For me the t6config software didn’t work with the new cable, it would just freeze.  I had to use another piece of software written by a rcgroups member, keepitsimple.  He wrote it for the Turborix 2.4ghz system which is identical to the HK T6A.  You need to install some runtime files and then run his application.  It works pretty well.  Hope he keeps on improving on it.

Here’s the software you need:

CP210x USB drivers
Geotest ATEasy 6.0 runtime

Programming (Windows XP 32/64bit and Windows 7 32/64bit)

1.  First thing is to install the drivers, then plug in your usb cable.

2.  Install the ATEasy runtime, just the runtime only.  No need for the other stuff

3.  Unzip the transmitter program and run turborix.exe.  Click “comports” and pick the com port that your USB cable is connected.  You might have to try a few to find the right one.  Once connected, the “invalid” button should turn green. Move your sticks around on the transmitter.  The sliders should move accordingly.

That’s it.  I won’t go into details on how to setup your transmitter since it’s beyond the scope of this document.

For the price it’s a great radio.  The best part is the receivers are really inexpensive.  I can get FlySky RX’s at my local hobby shop for about $10.   My Spektrum AR6100/6200 RX’s cost 2-3x more than the T6A TX and RX combined!

6 Responses  
  • Charles Bair writes:
    December 3rd, 20098:09 pmat

    Thanks for this. Worked just as you described. A bit much for my computer abilities, but I got it.

    Very frustrated with Hobby King instructions until I saw your solution. Thanks. Charlie B

  • William A. (Bill) Suter writes:
    December 13th, 20091:08 pmat

    Hi Blair:
    Season’s greetings and may you and yours find the best of love peace and happiness in the next few days then on into the New Year.

    Thank you for yourso well presented, work with ‘ATEasy 6.0’.

    I believe I stumbled on the same programmes and after said stumbling they worked for me too. But your presentation is so good.

    I have been asked questions in this area many times so I would like to copy your work onto a CD and add files you specify as gifts to friends who use, HK-T6A, RC links.

    Could you email, to me, your permission so to do?

    Hoping the answer is yesand waiting to capture this page,

    Of course the CD will state by kind permission of Ken and have a link to your site.

    I own 3 of the HK-T6A because i do not want to field-reprogramme one transmitter for my delta, my SIG Senior and my Parkzone Trojan. I Just received an, “Easy Fly 330”, glider. I expect it will go with the SIG settings which include sort of flap/spoiler/aileron settings. Actually that will suit the glider better than the ‘Senior Kadet’.

    Well thanks again for your work in presenting this info,

  • jomf writes:
    April 20th, 20105:49 pmat

    Thank you so much for this program… it seems like an HK T6a owner is up the creek without it !

  • Hank Deucker writes:
    April 28th, 20103:55 pmat

    I found the advice interesting, I have not attempted to apply it as I have a lot of figuring out to do as I own an iMac. I use VM ware (2000) as a windows emulator and I hope I can everything up and running so I can use it for a flight sim. For normal flying I use a Multiplex Evo 9 pro thus this is not an all important project. Any hints that may help me to get it off the ground.

    Thanks and cheers

    Hank Deucker

  • TT-boy writes:
    May 17th, 20101:23 amat

    Thank you man. Wonderfull, I had strageld a few weeks with t6config.exe which doesn’t worked. This is like a miracle.

  • John McManus writes:
    June 17th, 201010:23 amat

    I recently bought a Dynam 6 channel 2.4 GHZ set for use on a robot. The best range was 30Ft?
    I am back to my Hitec 4 channel it has a range of 400Ft+.

    If I can get a working programme I will get a Hobby King T6a.
    I keep you posted John M

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