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Large 3x3x3 Puzzle Cube

Puzzle cubes are very rewarding when you learn how to solve them.  You always aim to beat your best times.

This is one gigantic non-Rubik’s cube brand (TM).  I got this on eBay for about $20 just because I thought it would be kinda cool.  I have a number of standard cubes (which I’ll review later on).  Having a honkin’ big one is nice for any cubers collection.  This cube is actually advertised for as the “YJ (Yong Jun) Crazy Foot Magic Intelligent Test Cube.”  So yeah it’s used for solving with your feet.  I don’t plan to do that but I can see why they made it so big.

It doesn’t have sprints or screws to adjust so it’s pretty much what you get is what you get.  I lubed it with Jig-a-loo (silicone-base lubricant) and it’s as smooth as it can get.  It’s not as smooth as the standard cubes but I’d have to say it’s pretty smooth for a cube of this size.

After using it for awhile your hand gets a bit tired.  It cut corners pretty decently after breaking it in.  It locks up quite a bit if you aren’t precise with your turns since there are no springs to give it a bit of movement between the cubelets.  I haven’t experienced any popping so it’s a pretty stable cube.

The stickers are PVC and won’t peel.  It’s got a textured feel to it.

For $20 it’s a good novelty toy to keep for kicks.  I like it.

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