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MP3 Sunglasses


The Oakley Thump mp3 sunglasses were the first and are cool but they only play mp3’s. This one does that plus record video, take pictures, and can even be used as a bluetooth headset. Why would I need one of these? I’m not planning on doing any spying but I did want to record my airplanes, cars and helicopters as I fly them. It’s hard to hold a camera and transmitter at the same time. I know there are helmet cams but I don’t wanna look too much like a dork.  With these you look somewhat human.

I got these from DealExtreme for about $72. Shipping was included as always and took about 17 days to get here.

The sound quality was not the best.  There is no shuffle function.  It starts from the beginning of the first song when you turn it on.  So it can be a bit annoying if you listen to audio books or like randomness.

The image quality of the video or pictures it takes isn’t stellar.  It’s a jack of all trades and master of none.

Here you can see that I paired it with my iPhone. It shows up as “HF-DV88” and the passcode to pair it is “0000” (four zeros).


Here a picture I took with the camera. It’s 640×480 interpolated into 1280×1024. Won’t compete with a dedicated camera that’s for sure.


Video sample:

[flv:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lO7WDgjT84 480 368]

The video isn’t spectacular as well but it works.

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