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Planet Waves Guitar Capo NS Pro PW-CP-02

Planet Waves NS Pro Capo (Black)
Planet Waves NS Pro Capo (Silver)
Planet Waves NS Capo Lite (Black)

A guitar capo is used to raise the pitch of a guitar by clamping down on the strings. It’s basically making the strings shorter by turning the nearby fret into a nut. There are many styles of capo’s from Shubb, Kyser, etc. A lot of them are cloned and can be found for about $5 online. Previously, I was using a spring clamp style capo. It worked fine but I often find it clamps down a bit too hard on the strings and it kinda makes the strings buzz too. The handle also gets in the way sometimes.

I decided I’d go on the hunt for a better capo. I found a decently priced one from Planet Waves. It features a dial knob that you turn to adjust the tension. The Kyser capo’s are still faster to put on and move along the fret board but the PW capo is easy to put on quickly too.

The PW-CP-02 is made of aluminum and comes in black or silver. There is also a lite version that is made of plastic for a lower cost. Other than the material it works about the same.

The Kyser clamp style capo on the left is quite big compared to the PW capo.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about a capo. At the end of the day, it does the same job a pencil and elastic band can do. If you want to spend a bit more and get a sleek one that doesn’t say “Hey, he’s using a capo”, then NS Pro is it. I think there are better capo’s out there like the G7th capo, but it’s more expensive. The Planet Waves NS Pro is very nice and my current favourite.

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