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Profile PREB100 Electric Guitar Bag

Amazon.com -$25

Sorry for all these guitar related purchases lately, but that’s all I’ve been buying lol.   This is “kenbuys.com” of course. and I did buy it.

I’m kind of a case/bag freak.  I want everything to have a nice case or box to put into.  This is no exception for my guitars.  I was looking for a soft-style bag since my electric guitar isn’t worth much to consider a nice hardcase.  Profile makes an affordable one for about $25.  It’s also available at Bestbuy if you want a brick and mortar store as well.  A bag like this isn’t just great for when you need to take your guitar out for a walk, but it also serves as cover to protect from dust and scratches as it sits motionless.

The PREB100 has 2 additional pockets for things you might want to carry with your guitar.  A big pouch for sheet music and books.  There is a smaller elongated pocket for capos, tuners, and picks.  You decide what you want carry with you.

I have a Strat style guitar and it fits well inside.  It should accommodate other styles too like a Les Paul or what have you.  The 1cm padding isn’t gonna stop bullets but it should keep your guitar dust/ding/scratch free.

The Profile bag features removable straps that allows you to carry it on your back like a backpack.  Quite comfortable and cool looking.

If you prefer, it does have your usual handle to carry it like a suitcase….  if the backpack look just isn’t your thing.

All in all this is a great case for the price.  You can get nicer ones but it’ll cost you.  I’m happy with it and would recommend it to anyone with a guitar that isn’t worth much.  If you have a guitar that is several thousands of dollars, invest in a hard shelled case with velour lining and locks.  🙂

Also keep your guitars out for easy access.   If they’re hidden away, you’re not gonna want to practice!

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