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SimStick Wireless RC Simulation adapter

OrangeRX DSM2 compatible receiver
OrangeRX DSM2 compatible receiver

If you have a RC flight simulator like PhoenixRC you’ll know that you can use your own transmitter.  However, you have to be tethered with a wire to your computer.  This is kind of a drag because wires suck.  In my case, I like to hook up my notebook to my big LCD in the living room and then play Phoenix.  But nothing is worst than having a 12 feet cable from your transmitter to your PC.  Well this is where SimStick comes in.  It lets you use your transmitter wirelessly by sending the signals to a receiver just like a real RC aircraft.

Basic usage is like this.  You plug up a receiver (Spektrum AR6200) that is compatible with your transmitter (Spektrum DX6i), you plug in the simulator’s required USB dongle.  Then you connect the USB dongle to the simstick via headphone cable.  It looks like a electronics project when done but it works great.  No more wires.   So far it only works with JR/Spektrum DSM2 stuff.  It also works with a DSM2 compatible receiver like the OrangeRX’s too.

I’m using a AR6200 with my DX6i.

Hook up everything as shown.  My Phoenix USB dongle is not with me so I substituted it with a USB memory stick just so you get the idea 🙂

It also works with an OrangeRX DSM2 receiver to talk to my DX6i.

I can finally ditch the wires in my living when using PhoenixRC on my big screen LCD.  Awesome!

SimStick Review:
Coming soon…..

SimStick Configuration Tutorial in PhoenixRC

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