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Skyfun Jet RC


Where to buy: Skyfun Jet RC

This jet looks like a cross between a Parkzone Stryker and a Multiplex Funjet.

Purchased from HobbyKing, it was extremely well packaged.  They took a lot of care in making sure it arrived unharmed.  The foam used for this jet was the same kind you find in most packaging although it’s a lot denser, EPS foam.  In fact the box that the SkyFun Jet came in was almost the same kind of foam 🙂

Putting it together was quick.  The included glue dried up but I had some medium foam safe glue with me and some kicker (accelerator).  I glued the wings and fins and it dried almost instantly with the kicker.  Plugged the receiver and ESC wire to the receiver.  The battery terminals on the ESC was bullet connectors instead of a dean-style T-connector.  I replaced the 18A ESC with a 30A HobbyKing one.  Also the motor was a 1800kv brushless and a 6×4 prop.

If your motor/ESC keeps on beeping when you plug up the battery make sure you have the throttle stick down and the trims down as well.  The canopy hatch comes off very easily so tape it down or it’ll fly off mid-flight.

The included motor and ESC was crap so I say don’t even bother with it, rip it out and chuck it in the trash.  Buy a 3400kv brushless motor, 4.1×4.1 propeller and 35-40A ESC from the start and you’ll be very happy.  I also run it with a 2200mah 20C lipo battery.  It just screams through the air.

This plane has 1 set of control surfaces that does aileron and elevator functions.  No rudder.  For this to work you need either a v-tail mixer or a transmitter that does mixing.  My FlySky TH-9X (aka iMax/Eurgle/Turnigy 9x) has elevon settings.

It’s a bit too responsive on the aileron so I’d say turn it down by 50%.

It’s a very fun jet to fly and it’s quite fast too.  The sound of the motor alone makes you tremble.


Length: 700mm
Flying Weight: 550g
ESC: 18A
Wingspan: 875mm
Servo: 2 x 9g
Height: 170mm
Motor: 1800kv Brushless Outrunner


Your own transmitter/receiver (Turngy 9X)
Battery 1300mah 11.1V 3S 20C or higher

Stay tuned to this page for build videos and photos!

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