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Turnigy Transmitter Batteries (1450mah)


Where to buy: HobbyKing Turnigy Transmitter Batteries (1450mah)


Most people use rechargeable AA’s for their radios.  NiCD and NiMH rechargable batteries drain even when you’re not using it while Li-po’s hold their charge pretty well.  The Sanyo Eneloop NiMH that I use claim to hold their charge longer than other NiMH, which is true, but still not as good as li-po’s.

If you use alkaline batteries which are 1.5v, this gives you an even 12v (8×1.5).  If you use NiCD/NiMH, it’ll give you 9.6v (8×1.2).  These packs are a little over 12v at 12.6 when fully charged so they work fine in all of my radios.  I have it installed in my Esky V4 Lama radio, HobbyKing T6A, Art-Tech radio, and FlySky FS-GT3 car radio.

They come with JR and Futaba leads to plug in to those brands of radios.  However I had no problems using it with my HobbyKing/FlySky/Art-Tech radios once I did a bit of soldering.  I took some servo extension wires that I had lying around and cut one end of it off and soldered it directly to the -/+ locations on the transmitter board.  Then I plugged in the lead from the battery.  A clean solution and you can still use AA if you wanted to.  These packs are designed to fit in most radios that use 8 AA’s. They are just the right thickness.

Servo extension wire

Solder one end of it to the battery connector

Plug other end to battery

Transmitter battery inside my HobbyKing T6A

Here’s a FlySky FS-GT3 radio with the pack

These battery packs save me a lot of time since I don’t top them off on my charger if I don’t use them for a while.  For under $8 from HobbyKing, they’re a great buy.  I bought several packs retired my Sanyo Eneloop’s.

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