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Turtle Beach Earforce X31 Wireless Headphones

After getting some wireless headphones I was hooked.  The iWave FM wireless headphones were subpar at best and weren’t working as well for me anymore.  Too much static noise so I decided to spend more and get something decent.   I found this headset by Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach, back in the day, were known for making sound cards.  They still make a few but they’re more focused on headphones now.

I saw the X31 online and decided to get one after reading all the good reviews.  They’re branded for the XBox 360 but they work with pretty much anything that has RCA inputs.  In fact, I just hook them up to my TV so everything plays through them.  That includes my PS2, PS3, XBox, XBox360, Wii, TV, etc.  It actually has a headset microphone for XBox Live as well so if you use it with other systems like the PS3 or Wii, it’ll only output game audio.  Which is fine by me since I don’t use the chat feature.  I hooked up the transmitter to the output of the TV so whatever I’m playing or watching can be sent to the X31. You can hook up directly to any audio source you want that has RCA jacks.  But it’s more versatile to hook it up to a TV so everything will output to the transmitter.

I really like the white and black colouring.  Most of the time I’m using it around the house so really it could be neon pink with polka dots and I wouldn’t care.  The ear muffs are very comfy so I  can wear them for hours without it hurting.  It comes with 2xAAA batteries, RCA cables, cables to hook up to your xbox360 controller for the mic and some velcro.

The sound quality of these headphones are very good.  They’re 2.4Ghz and sound much better than the FM type of sets.  I usually sit about 10ft away from the TV so there isn’t any signal loss whatsoever.  However, if I move out of the living room it starts to cut out.  This is expected.  It’s very loud without distortion as well.  When I play games like Resident Evil or Modern Warfare 2, I hear everything and sometimes it scares the crap out of me.  Now I can have the volume way up and play late at night.

The Turtle Beach X31 is a great set of headphones for less than $100.  Wireless freedom and good sound quality.  I would totally by them again.  Bottom line, if you play games, headphones are a necessity.  You can hear everything around you without waking up the neighbours.  Games are a lot more enjoyable now for me.

3 Responses  
  • Mark writes:
    March 12th, 20106:44 amat

    I have the X41 and my brother has the X31. The sound quality, durability and features in these headsets are incredible.

    Turtle Beaches are a MUST for any gamer!

  • ken writes:
    March 18th, 20109:54 amat

    For sure. I only play games via headphones now even in the day time. I can crank them up and you can hear where sounds are coming from. But having wireless is even better. Everyone should be playing games with headphones. The TB stuff is awesome!

  • John writes:
    April 11th, 201010:35 pmat

    Turtle Beach X31’s are the only wireless option in my opinion because the X41’s are close to $200.00. Having said that anyone that believes X31’s are durable….is delusional. Cheap plastic and after 3 months mine failed. “Bass Boost” doesn’t do anything but muffle the sound. Batteries last 12 hours, maybe. DSave the receipt.

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