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Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

After building my Mac Pro I was still missing something.  I was a huge fan of the Macbook keyboard.  Luckily Apple makes a wireless bluetooth model.  It looks great and takes up little space.

There’s just something about opening an Apple product.  My old Macbook  had that new Apple smell.  This is no different.  Like all Apple products, it comes packaged in minimal packing while looking great.  The batteries were already installed into the keyboard so you didn’t have to put them in yourself.  A nice little touch.

This keyboard is very similar to the Macbook keyboards but a tad bigger keys and spaced out more.  If you’re a fan of them, then you’ll be a fan of this.  I can type pretty well with it.  Out of all the laptop keyboards, the Apple ones are the best, I think. It’s go a brushed aluminum exterior like all the new Macs.  I believe this is the keyboard they ship with all their iMacs now.

Syncing the keyboard with my Hackintosh was a just three steps.  Initiate a bluetooth discover and enter the code your Mac tells you to and the keyboard will be magically paired.

Here’s my home built Hackingtosh, Rocketfish bluetooth mouse and Apple wireless keyboard.  A nice combo that makes my hackinstein feel more like a Mac.

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