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Sprung Inline Skate Frames

I’m never really into gimmicks for hockey equipment but these frames caught my eye.  Since skates are the most important piece of equipment for any hockey player, I’m always looking for some advantage over my competition.  They have independent suspension for each wheel.  You might have seen the Tuuk Rocker chassis from a few years back.  Those would pivot the 2 center wheels.  I never tried them because everyone who owns them tells me the are bad.  The Sprung chassis actually articulate individually.  Each wheel can go up or down.  There is a lot of chatter on the hockey forums I visit so I figure I’d give these a try.  Unfortunately, inline season is over so I won’t be able to test these out till next March.

The frames came shipped to my door for about $160 ($135+$25shipping).  Comes with a spare arm and some bolts/nuts to mount your wheels. If you’re not the handy type, take them to your local hockey shop and have them do it for you.  Just have them follow the directions on Sprung’s site.  I converted some CCM ice skates I had lying around on my own.  Just got some screws/bolts and tnuts.  Check out the Youtube video below for a howto.  It was quite simple and I got them mounted just the way I wanted.  These frames need a flat wheel setup, eg. 76mm for all.  And preferably a harder wheel too since it has suspension.  On my favourite Sure-grips, I use Labeda x-soft wheels.  For these frames, Keith from Sprung, recommended me to use Labeda “soft”.

In order to use these frames the wheels will have to use a floating spacer like the one shown on the bottom of the picture.  When I bought my Mission bearings, they came with both types of bearings.   The reason for this is because the axle bolts are very thick and the normal spacers won’t work.

I’ve only had a chance to try them out around the house on my hardwood flooring.  I’m quite impressed so far.  Backward crossovers feel a bit weird though.  I’ll update this page in the future after a thorough testing at my indoor rink.

You can get them at sprung-inline.com


2 Responses  
  • Sprung Love writes:
    September 14th, 20106:29 amat

    Once you get a chance to try these you will be hooked! I am a sprung convert for life!!!

  • Schoolyard Puck writes:
    September 16th, 20109:45 pmat

    Nice write-up! The mounting video will be helpful to a lot of people. Nice photos too. We reviewed this product recently but never tried the floating spacers…interesting. You should try a harder wheel and let the frames absorb all the impact.

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