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Lacie iamakey 8GB usb flash drive

I’ve gone through a ton of USB flash keys.  Ever since USB flash drives came into existence I’ve been trying to find one that could survive being latched onto my keychain.  Most of them would break off and get lost or eventually stop working.  They just weren’t durable enough.

Looks like things may have changed.  Someone finally created a usb key that looks like a key.  What a concept…. I mean really, it’s about time.  Lacie has a number of models so you can have different looking keys.  They come in various sizes upto 32GB.  The great thing about these flash drives is they are made of metal and feel like real keys.  Of course they look like them too.

Until they find ways to embed storage into my body, this will be the next best thing.  You have to have one!  I don’t think these will ever get lost unless I lose my whole keyring.  Although durability and longevity has yet to be tested., all I hope for in a usb flash drive is one can last long enough until I buy the next bigger size, 1TB anyone?

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