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Spy Camera Car Alarm Keychain

I got this at DealExtreme for about $43.

I had grand visions of attaching this to one of my flying helis or planes.  Weighing in at 16g, it’s pretty light for this purpose.

The only working buttons are the 2 at the front.  The 2 at the back are fake.  To operate it, you basically hold down the on/off button to turn it on.  Then tap the REC button once and it’ll blink and take a picture.  If you hold down the REC the light will turn off and it’ll start recording video.

While trying to find a way to trim more weight by taking off the case, I found out it actually has a microSD card inside for storing the data.  I have the 4GB version.  It claims to be SDHC as well so I wonder if I can shove in a 16GB/32GB microSD SDHC???  hmm…. this could increase the recording time greatly.  The battery inside is a 280mah 3.7v 1S battery.  It should stay on for about 50mins.

A 20sec clip is about 15MB in size.  So it records at about 45MB/min or 2.7GB/hr.  This one should hold about 1.5 hrs of video according to my math.

It’s a very light camera to carry around with you or be modified for other purposes.  For $40 it’s a bit pricey.

Here is a sample picture taken with the device.  Not great but not too shabby.

Here’s a sample video.

[flv:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-apLclonBWk 480 368]

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