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PhotoFast CR-3100 SDHC (internal PSP 2000 mod)

Face it, Sony loves raping customers when it comes to their propriety memory stick format.  A 32GB MS stick is almost $200!  But SD cards are much cheaper.  I can get 16GB SDHC cards for around $30.  Prices of SDHC cards have fallen a great deal now so it was finally cost effective to put in 32GB of memory!

I bought the PhotoFast CR-3100 SDHC to memory stick adapter a couple of years ago.  However, I never had the time to internalize it.  As in, put it inside my PSP 2000/slim.  The time came when my PSP2000’s digital pad wore out and I had to replace it.  I also took the opportunity to change the whole body from the stock Daxter silver to a canary yellow shell.  So in short, fix the digital pad, change body and install internal memory.

I won’t go into details since you can google lots of tutorials on how to do this.  Like here and here.   All you really need to do is be able to take apart a PSP and put it back together.   No soldering needed.

The PhotoFast CR-3100 case is rather bulky so I would recommend stripping it down to the bare essentials so it would fit inside the UMD drive.

I decided not to transplant my UMD drive to the new case because I never use it.  You have to dremel away a slot for the ribbon cable to pass through.

The SD card holder sits inside where the UMD drive was.  The ribbon cable goes through the slot you cut away.  Use double-sided tape to hold it in place.

Then you plug the MS card portion into the card slot.

I decided to use these Patriot 16GB SDHC cards.  Not all brands work.  I had aData branded 16GB cards that didn’t format properly in the CR-3100.

Put everything back together and hopefully it turns on 😉

After formatting, you should now have 32GB of storage for your backed up games, videos, and music. To copy games to the PSP, you have to plug it up via USB to your PC.  You can’t take out the memory card of course.

This mod is quite scary if you have never taken apart your PSP so it’s not for most people.  I’ve taken my PSP apart dozens of times to replace broken screens and other parts so it’s easy.  The key is to take it slow and be organized and you should be okay.  There are lots of sites that have videos and photos of tearing down a PSP so read up on them.  See more photos below.

If you are still hesitant to do this mod, there are other alternatives to getting more memory for your PSP.  Read my review on the PhotoFast CR-5400 Dual-Slot SDHC MicroSD/TF to MS Pro Duo Adapter.  You just need 2x16GB microSD cards and plug it into the MS slot.  Although 16GB microSD at time of this posting is still more expensive than SD cards.

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