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Tekken 6 Wireless Fighting Stick Bundle for XBox 360

I usually make my own arcade sticks with Sanwa/Seitmitsu buttons and sticks.  The arcade sticks I made previously were for The Sony PS2 but worked great with adapters for the PS3/xbox1/Wii.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a decent adapter for the 360.  There are a couple, however, either they’re really expensive or it requires you to plug up a wired 360 controller to the adapter for it to work.  I made a wireless PS2 stick previously using a PS1 controller and padhacking to a custom box I made.  Again, I wished I could use it with my 360.

This stick made by Hori was on sale and I picked one up at Best Buy for $99.  I’m always amazing at BB’s shipping times.  I ordered it Tuesday night and I received it Thursday morning and that’s free shipping too.

Included in this bundle is the wireless arcade stick, Tekken 6 game, art book, and a couple of AA batteries.  I’m not a huge Tekken fan, I bought it primarly for the stick.  I plan to use it with Street Fighter games and Raiden IV.

I admit it, I’m a wireless ho.  I don’t like wires at all.  So this is great for me.  It uses 2xAA batteries which is a plus since I have tons of rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop AA’s.  Great thing about the 360 stick is there is no USB dongle.  Just hit the Xbox button and it’ll sync with your 360 like a regular controller.

The stick is a nice size but a bit light.  Having the Back/Start and XBOX button on the front is a real no-no since you can accidently press them in the heat of battle.  But I doubt you’d be using this at a tournament so it won’t matter a whole lot.

It’s definitely not as good as the Madcatz Street Fighter IV TE edition stick.  But don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad stick.  It’s probably a mid-range stick and most people will find it quite decent.  It’s very similar to my Hori Fighting stick for the Wii.  The button and sticks are not Sanwa or Seitmitsu quality but I do plan to upgrade them when I get a chance.  I already have the parts so it’s just a matter of finding some time.  From my experience modding the Hori Wii Fighting stick, I probably have to dremel the holes bigger to fit the new Sanwa buttons and resolder them to the PCB.

All in all, this is pretty much the only wireless stick available at the time of this post. I have too many sticks at the moment but like I said, I’m a wireless nut so I had to get it.

I’m hoping Madcatz can release a cordless version of their awesome tournament edition sticks. At any rate, MC should make a wireless stick and have some quality parts in it from the get go.  Until that happens, this is the best out there in terms of cordless freedom.

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  • Escrima Sticks writes:
    May 5th, 201010:43 pmat

    awesome bundle got to get this

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