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Eflite Blade 120 SR RC Helicopter

I picked up this Bind ‘n’ Fly version of the Blade 120 SR from HobbyTown USA for about $149.99.  This is now my favourite indoor helicopter since it flies like a dream and binds with my Spektrum DX6i.  The BNF kit includes the heli, battery, charger, adapter and some spare parts.

In terms of size, it’s between a Blade mSR and Blade SR.  Not too big, not too small.  Just right…

The 120 SR battery is much bigger in capacity than the mSR battery.  It uses a standard red JST plug.  At the time of this post, there is no 3rd party battery you can buy.  Hopefully HobbyKing will come out with some.  They’re relatively inexpensive at any rate, just $10.  Pick up a couple.  Fight times are about 6-7mins.

Surprisingly, the 120 SR uses a brushed motor.  It still flies great though.

A mod everyone should do is for the tail rotor.  There is a small bearing sleeve that goes over the pinion of the motor before the rotor blades.  When you crash and the rotor blade comes off so does the bearing.  It just falls off and you’ll probably never find it again.  So what I did was get some shrink wrap tubing to hold it in place.

Place it over the entire motor and it’ll hold that tiny bearing in place.

Another problem is the skids, on the right side you can see that a piece of the landing skid sticks up.  In the event of a hard landing, this could touch the gear and damage it.  By putting a washer on both sides of the skids, it prevents this.

I put a small camera on the 120 SR for onboard POV shots.

It’s a bit nose heavy with the camera so you can adjust the trim a bit on your transmitter.

Another solid heli from Eflite.  It’s a great beginner helicopter that is fun to fly and will help build up your confidence until you can go with a full CCPM helicopter.  See below for a video review and photos.  The video contains some onboard video too.


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