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Flysky FS-TH9x Backlight LED LCD mod

*** A better mod with EL panels instead of LED’s is available on this site, check related articles at the bottom of the page. ***

Another one of my favourite transmitters that doesn’t have a backlight.  This should be standard these days.  However, I just couldn’t live with it so I bought some LED’s and resistors and did my own mod. Please not that my FlySky 9x is using 7.4v.  I modified it to run off a 7.4v li-ion pack.  The stock transmitter uses 12v I believe so you’ll probably need a different resistor.  I’m thinking about 390 ohms.  You need to know the input voltage and use this LED/resistor calculator to figure out what you’ll need.

You’ll need about $5 worth of parts:

4x 3mm blue LED (3.3v, 20mA)
4x 220 ohm resistors (for other transmitters that use higher voltage, you’ll need a different resistor!)

Here’s the wiring diagram for the LED’s.  If this is foreign to you then stop right here and don’t go any further 😉

4 LED’s and 4 resistors

I used a piece of plexi-glass and sanded one side of it.  I made notches where the LED’s were going to be hot glued.

I covered the back of it with white paper.  Solder the LED array and hot glue it to the plexi-glass.

Cram it back into the transmitter.

Soldered the LED array to the contact points on the transmitter


It turned out well, it’s a lot brighter than my Spektrum DX6i.


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