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FlySky FS-GT3 backlight mod with EL panels

FlySky GT3: FS-GT3 2.0″ LCD 2.4G Wireless 3-CH Gun Transmitter with Receiver for R/C Car and Boat (8*AA)
FlySky GT3B: New improved version of the GT3
3CH recievers: FlySky 3CH receiver
6CH receivers: FlySky 6CH receiver
8CH receivers: FlySky 8CH receiver
DSC Cable for PC: FlySky VRC Simulator cable
Battery Lipo pack: HobbyKing Turnigy Transmitter Batteries (1450mah)

JR Modules to replace the stock TM002:
Compatible FrSky module

Compatible FrSky module with Telemetry (my fav!)
Compatible Corona module
Compatible Assan module

PDF Manual
The GT3B got the much needed back-light screen.  I still wanted to give the original GT3 some backlight goodness.  Fortunately for me, I had some EL panels left over.  Since the GT3’s screen is so small, it didn’t need a whole lot of EL material.  I got the electroluminescent panels with 12V DC/AC inverter on eBay for about $15.  Adding a back-light to the GT3 was the easiest back-light mod I’ve done so far.

You’re gonna need an EL panel with inverter.  ~$15 on eBay.

Open up the GT3 to expose the guts

The screen is attached to a plastic holder

It’s only held in with tape

Cut the EL panel with scissors so that it is able to fit inside the plastic panel.  Use clear tape to cover the edges so it doesn’t short something

Place the EL panel and screen back in the plastic holder.  You will have to cut some of the plastic off on the right side to make it fit.

I put the AC inverter inside the handle.  Use sticky tape.

Tap 12V from these contact points to power the inverter.

All lit up… the way it should’ve been.


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