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Wireless USB RC Sim adapter FS-SM101

Mystery FS-SM101 USB Simulator Cable for R/C Remotes

If your transmitter has a DSC port than you probably used a FS-SM100 to connect it to your PC.  But of course, you have an annoying wire to contend with.  This interesting little gadget lets you use your own transmitter and receiver with your favourite RC car simulator wirelessly.  It’s a very simple USB dongle.  You plug the wires from the FS-SM101 into your receiver.  Make sure your receiver is paired with your transmitter of course. What this device does is translate the signal it receives from your transmitter’s receiver and converts it to a gaming controller.  That’s the gist of it.

– Model: FS-SM101
– Compatible with VRC (Virtual R/C) simulator software
– Installs as an USB Human Interface Device (HID) in Windows OS systems
– Supported signal type: 2-3 Channel (CH) PPM
– Software CD included

You plug the thing into your computer and it should magically get detected by Windows.  I’m using Win7 x64.  It shows up as “VRC USB adapter”.  And rightly so since VRC is the RC car simulator that most people use to practice.  You can also use your transmitter as an input device for any application that accepts a game controller.  GeneRally is quite fun with this setup.

I’m using the FS-SM101 dongle with my FlySky GT3 V1.  For some odd reason, it doesn’t work with my GT3 V3 or GT3B.  I’m not gonna fight it but I think it might have something to do with the fact that the V3 and GT3B uses AFHDS.  While the V1 doesn’t.  That’s the only difference I can see.

Hook up the wires like shown.  For this FS-GR3A receiver, the white/red/black plug goes to CH1 and the yellow plug goes to CH2.  Yours might differ.

In the Win7 game controllers setup, you can calibrate and test the controller.  It shows up as a 2 axis device.

Here it is plugged up to my notebook.  I use it to play RealRace G2 and VRC.

A simple and inexpensive device to let you use your transmitter with your PC without the long wire that would normally connect to your transmitter via the DSC port.  More importantly, some transmitters might not have a DSC port.  So this is a better option overall.


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